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CORBETT – A number of Oregon’s leaders, including the Multnomah County Commission Chair, are heading out today on a junket to Portugal, organized, and partially paid for, by a shadowy pro-drug outfit (the “Health Justice Recovery Alliance”).

It should be noted that Portugal’s drug policy, although lauded by groups like the pro-drug Drug Policy Foundation, has hardly been an unqualified success. Even the left-wing Vox magazine points out that all the decriminalization did was to formalize into law what was already the de facto approach being followed (

It is clear that here in Oregon, Measure 110 has been an utter failure, and has not only not reduced harm, but has resulted in an increase in death and suffering. It must be repealed, so that local governments have the necessary tools to address the problem.

Wasting time and resources traveling to Portugal to observe their failed approach to drug abuse and addiction in a country and region that in no way resembles Oregon or Portland is pointless. Multnomah County residents should remember this next time they vote. Those on the junket should hang their heads in shame for accepting the invitation from these lobbyists, instead of doing what they know must be done to help addicts and the rest of the community: repeal Measure 110 as soon as possible.

We need to stop blindly following ideology and get back to common-sense solutions that we know work, especially when it comes to drugs and crime.

Brian Knotts is a candidate for Multnomah County Commissioner, District 4.