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Well…we didn’t make it.

We came awfully close, though.

This campaign was run on a shoestring budget, with two volunteers, one of which was my wife, and without any outside help from any organizations, political or otherwise. Yet, while spending less than $2,000, we received over 41% of the vote!

My opponent had the entire political establishment of this state on his side, up to and including the governor. He spent at least ten times what we spent. Yet, he only managed to eke out 50% by a handful of votes.

While we didn’t win, we still accomplished something very important. We showed that by focusing on the issues people actually care about, and staying on message, non-left-wing candidates can compete in every county in this state.

We can change the direction of this county and this state. We just need to work together, and to believe that we can do it. We must do it, for the future of Oregon and Oregonians.

In the coming months, I will be considering my future, if any, in politics. I will be open to suggestions of how I can help to restore Oregon to the shining jewel it once was.

Brian J. Knotts