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Basic Philosophy

I believe good legislation:

  1. addresses a quantifiable problem
  2. is tailored as narrowly as possible
  3. is likely to be effective in its objective
  4. is at the appropriate level of government

Here are a few of my positions on issues facing the county:

Animal Control

The review and revamp of Animal Services should continue, and while a new facility is needed, this will take time to build. In the meantime, the county should explore a temporary, leased facility, to allow more efficient operations.

Emergency Services

The two-paramedic rule, unique to Multnomah County, should be repealed, which will allow improved response times, especially in rural areas of the county.


I call for an audit of every non-profit receiving more than $20,000 per annum from the county. We must make sure we, the taxpayers, are getting value for our money.

Hard Drugs

Measure 110 was a mistake. Voters were misled into passing this by outside groups with lots of money, and the results have been disastrous. It must be repealed. While I generally side with individual choice and responsibility, these drugs remove the consent of the user through rapid addiction or worse. This is a state issue, but the board has a voice, and should use it, just as Coos County’s board did.


We need to work with the Sheriff’s Office to aggressively combat this, and punish the vandals, instead of its victims (often small businesses) as it results in a general increase in the sense of lawlessness that has permeated our county.


We must fully fund existing jail beds to provide the court system with a place to send criminals, as needed.